About Us

We are an innovative and experienced multi-discipline team providing cutting edge electrical services”. – Paul Scott: Founder

Geographe Electrical & Communications otherwise known as GEC.

GEC is a West Australian owned and operated company committed to providing high-end, top-quality electrical work to a diverse range of clients, from the Commercial, Industrial, Mining & Resources sectors of Western Australia.

The company's capability is enhanced through it's size

GEC specialises in the most professional, innovative and cost-effective solutions. Talk to our highly experienced team about implementing the right options for you.

Whether it be installation or fit out of a new industrial or commercial building to refurbishing a processing plant, we provide customised solutions that will help our clients get the best out of their work space.

GEC's integrity is proven when working with clients to ensure we contribute and execute projects in the most efficient and safe way.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and are always happy to offer advice and answer any queries that arise during a project.

For any electrical service enquiries or a quotation please contact Geographe Electrical & Communications via our Contact page.

Geographe Electrical Serivce Fleet